Wood Cup Report 2017

This year’s Wood Cup saw us win comfortably against Alleyn’s Old Boys and then have a good solid victory against Cambridge University setting up a final for the 4th year on the trot of St Paul’s Old Boys vs Wessex.

Boosted by the return of Charlie Brooks to their team, St Paul’s had 3 players in the top 10 of the national rankings (Tristao (1), Brooks (5), Aquilina (9)) so we knew it would be harder than in the last 2 years when we have won the tournament.

All 4 singles were close matches with Will winning 11-7 against Dan Tristao and Harry loosing 11-7 to James Tilston. The other 2 matches saw great comebacks from Giles clawing back to an 11-7 loss having been 9-2 down, and Charlie Brooks fighting back from 7-0 and 9-6 down to eventually win 12-10 against Dave.

This slender lead was steadily extended in both rounds of doubles with Cambridge winning 3 of the 4 pairings of doubles eventually winning a highly enjoyable match 118-85.
W. Ellison vs D. Tristao 11-7
D. Butler vs C. Brooks 10-12
G. Munn vs J. Aquilina 7-11
H. Akerman vs J. Tilston 7-11


W. Ellison & G. Munn v J. Aquilina & J. Tilston 12-11, 2-11
W. Ellison & G. Munn v D. Tristao & C. Brooks 5-11, 8-11

D. Butler & H. Akerman v D. Tristao  & C. Brooks 2-11, 5-11
D. Butler & H. Akerman v J. Aquilina & J. Tilston 5-11, 11-0
St Paul’s win 118-85